Sunday, 18 May 2014

What muscles work in a workout?

What muscles work in a workout?
Splitting the muscle groups is a point that gives headaches to most beginners and even more advanced. How best to group training muscles so you get maximum progress safely?
Worked muscle groups each workout depend mainly on wind capacity and recovery effort and time dispinibil and training method as follows:As a seating capacity of recovery and greater effort can work several groups in a workout have more time and do fewer sets and reps and take small breaks between sets, you can work more groups. If you prefer a less intense workout with lighter weights, more reps and big breaks between sets can work several groups. In this area the extremes would be between a single group working on a workout (which requires more workouts per week to cover the whole body) to full body workout, while working your whole body a workout.In the middle are two large muscle groups sharing systems:The criterion muscle group participating in the same basic moves - thus grouped:
a) Chest, triceps and shoulders (and possibly the anterior median) - push and extension movements of the arms
b) Back, biceps, trapezius, lombarii, posterior deltoid (attend and pulling motions flexion)
c) Thighs and calves
After grouping principle antagonistic groups: chest with back, biceps with triceps, quadriceps with hamstrings, lower back abdomen with.

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