Sunday, 18 May 2014

So you can do the next workout?

Most experts believe that a muscle must be completely rebuilt (almost healed) before being trained again. In general, if you feel a slight Duer muscle cramps, burning sensation of tension, etc., would be better to give at least one day of rest muscial respectively. What about the theory of "remove nail on the nail", meaning that if you train a group seen with fever, fever seems to disappear like magic.
The idea is that the pain you feel is caused by substances decomposed in affected muscle fibers, which are taken by local sensory nerves that transfrom information in nerve impulse sent to the brain. These nerves are also affected training, so they need to recovery-just this fever is not felt immediately but after a few hours to one day.
The idea is that if you push back muscle, the nerve pathways are overloaded and crashes, nemaitranmitand impulses to the brain, so do not feel pain, even if microtraumlele not disappear, but on the contrary, worsen.

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