Thursday, 15 May 2014

Disease of spinal muscular atrophy

There are several divisions of the disease. But months of subdivisions is divided according to the severity of injury to the three types of severe type and average and light and in addition to a fourth type called adult type. There are two types of adds additional tougher than the first type where the child is born and has a shrinkage in the joints with impact on the features of the face and eyes, or without.
These divisions and generally depends on the severity of symptoms and the time of its appearance and symptoms usually appear during the first six months of age with the majority of cases show signs before 3 months of age.

As you may notice the mother during pregnancy say movement in her womb, especially in the last months of pregnancy and symptoms begin by noting the presence of parents in the muscle relaxant with the weakness of the muscles in the neck and private parties with a few in the movement.

This relaxation and weakness increases with the passage of time and a child with this type depends adopt entirely on third parties it is unable to lift his head or sit up. May also weaken the muscles of swallowing and sucking appears problems in feeding and swallowing and frequent operations of entry of food into the trachea for lactation and difficult for him to even control swallowing saliva and mucous secretions accumulated in the throat.

As evident (especially doctors) continuous vibrations in the tongue to make the diagnosis of the disease and more pronounced among doctors.The show has a weakness in muscles and seem gummy and chest tightness from the top. It also made a great effort to breathe because of the weakness of the muscles and relaxes the rib cage and can be seen in the movement of the muscles of the abdomen rather than the chest when breathing, and that the result because the muscles of the rib cage and atrophic do you turn except the diaphragm, which separates the chest from the abdomen.
With the deterioration of the nutritional problems and swallowing and breathing, the deterioration of his child to die in the second year of life

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