Thursday, 22 May 2014

Muscles to achieve balance

The administration back then exercises. The muscles on the front to the back muscles and so on. Select the appropriate weight when lifting him by 10-15 times and then puts on weight, it is weight. Do not spend too much time of the study found that players set a day is enough to make the muscles strong. Do not rush to lift and drop slowly to the muscle was exercised in full.
Exercise regularly 3 times a week. Shoes to prevent foot Stretching exercise Management is to reduce pain and stretching. Examples of management stretching you should choose how to manage it to suit yourself. Standing feet separated Hands on head Tilt to the side and hold for 15-30 seconds 3-5 times on each side.
 Chair I bent down touched Until the onset tight after 15-30 sec hold at times 3-5 times. 4 foot crawl slowly inhale and bend back to return to normal. Exhale slowly and bend down to the floor to five times. Stand with feet slightly apart, knees bent. Hands on waist Bent back as much as possible and hold that position for 2 seconds.

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