Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pain after exercise

Of exercises regularly will help keep your back muscles strong. And it reduces pain after exercise is important; there are two types of stretching and strengthening exercise Stretching exercise caution in the exercise. Health slowly began to remember that the strength of the latter may not be the same. If your back is not strong enough and you rush to a recognized because you back pain. 
Should begin to exercise it is simple and does not cause pain from time to slowly increase. When the body is strong, thereby increasing both the quantity and intensity Choose how to exercise properly if you have recently recovered from back pain should choose an exercise that affects you less after low impact exercise such as swimming.
Exercise in Water Cycling on where to adjust the seat height and handlebar. Avoid movements that cause pain, especially those with back pain before. Waist twist eg golf The need to stop frequently, such as playing tennis basketball sports such as football, rugby, wrestling bumps. Tips on Exercise Need to target, as is the strength of the muscles in and out to keep the heart healthy. Do not hold your breath while exercising because it makes blood pressure higher. To breathe normally

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