Sunday, 18 May 2014

Method popularized by bodybuilders

A method popularized by bodybuilders performance is "chest + biceps", "back + triceps", "shoulders + abdomen", "legs". It's risky because you can overload auxilizare groups such as triceps and biceps.For a program "for a group day" can choose: back, chest, shoulders, legs, arms, abdomen + lower back.
Order and final settlement after days can be (the log) observed for recovery and progress for each group. If you wake up in the last day of training with "shoulders and legs" it is clear that we must resume the plan from the beginning.'s good to do in the first days of the week poor groups, or those who want to put the emphasis, provided that these groups should not be chest and biceps, because then you'll end up with three quarters of the room trying to work their groups favorite while you.
Note that the fewer the groups in a workout, the workout intensity and productivity are higher for that group. However group advantages and executing movements are composed not only order but also hormonal muscle, in this case the body being stimulated to produce more anabolic hormones (testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1)

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