Friday, 23 May 2014

Things are not dealt with in the evening to keep the division of muscle

It is well known that the system is a Algda├║a important as 70% of the process of muscle building and maintaining divided, there are some foods that are advised not to drink in the evening (before sleep 4-5) to maintain the agility of the gym and the division of muscle: 1. Salts: they cause to retain fluid in the body and emerge as the fat is stored.

 2. Milk: Contains material which turn into sugars, which are not energy needed by the body and converted into fat. 3. Carbohydrates: the main source of energy for the body because they contain a large amount of calories that are not burned and converted into stored fat. 4. Desserts: sugars are not useful addition to containing saturated fats, which the body can not burn them.

5. Meat or chicken in large quantities may cause you to insomnia and the inability to sleep for hours. 6. Water in large quantities: it will cause cuts in periods of sleep to do to the water cycle. 7. Juices: all contain sugars and carbohydrates that are not needed by the body before going to sleep to then turn to fat.

Magical way to motivate yourself to exercise muscles

Some of us considered that the practice of sport is a tedious process, very motivated to always exercise less than any other activity, and therefore it is difficult to find out for yourself incentive comfortable and fun to practice physical activity or physical fitness, but there is a miracle cure, a music therapy which have the effect of a very successful and fitter than before.

Music provides a focus in training, many of the people who see them wearing headphones in their permission they hear their music and inhibit their external noise more focused than others, and also music can increase your strength, Vamoosaqy highways, which by some enthusiasm make you more determination and strength to supplement what you do.

Thus Vamoosaqy can increase your speed in performing the exercises, and try you tried to put the speakers in your ear and try work specific training requires speed you'll find that this is true, and therefore reduce the pain that you feel their stress, and already have, and you perform exercises your sports.

Better training to bring out the explosive power in the muscles

There is a form of practice in the training of the muscles, nerves, muscle fibers urges faster through the type of exercises out the explosive power of the muscle, which needs a lot of different athletes in their game to excel in various sports competitions. Talking now about training weightlifting, and give an example of it.

For example, the muscles of the arms, initially start training heavily average, and never raise it on an ongoing basis, and when you feel you cannot drive, never carry the weight that at least his weight, and repeat lifted once other, and when you cannot drive, never carry the weight of at least weight, until you reach that you cannot carry lighter weights for once, this training goes out the power to help you amplify the muscle and take advantage of all the calories in the body, and take advantage of all the proteins that enter the body before and after training.

(this type of training is not only under the supervision of the coach) and benefit from the explosive power in the muscles cardiovascular through some exercises and performed on stages such as the above explanation, and increase endurance in each stage to respond quickly to the muscles resulting from the increase of pregnancy and must complete each group fully and must be completed each set fully to take advantage Algosoh of this training. Each time you these exercises are considered one group and rest between each set of no more than 60 seconds at a time, and must be completed three groups at least, these exercises are to take advantage of them must be repeated at least three times a week.

Do not avoid exercise when not in the gym, go for a ride

In this sport there is always a risk and dose, and has successfully overcome all challenges terrific boost to confidence Horseback riding is a very physically demanding sport, but is also a great exercise for the leg muscles and the central part of the body.

This activity also requires the maintenance of balance, rhythm and endurance. Most people riding attracts the love of horses, which makes it a popular sport among all generations. The skill of riding overcomes with the help of an instructor, and on many levels - from beginner to advance.

Unexpected benefits Horseback riding, especially at an advanced level, requires security, good knowledge of horses and courage. In this sport there is always a risk and dose, and has successfully overcome all challenges terrific boost to self-confidence, which can then be applied in other areas of life.

Muscles exercise in water

Exercise using a wall (Wall exercises). Swim Water exercise for people with arthritis People with arthritis often have problems when exercising due to the impact of the exercise. Inflammatory and pain of the Exercising in water helps Los pains down the problem. Why exercise in the water Warm water will help reduce pain. And the symptoms Warm water will help increase the flow of blood. Water will help reduce the impact on the health. Reduces joint degeneration Resistance of the water makes the muscles stronger. Current to massage the muscles relax.

Exercise at home in the water If you like to exercise in the water and feel that will benefit and you have enough funds. You may create a pool. Warm water or a bathtub that can be used at home Size of purchase will be based on the type of exercise. If I walk into a gym in the water If there is a restriction on the exercise Recommendations for exercise in the pool or spa, or hot tub You need to consult your doctor before using hot water in the exercise.

Water temperature should be 83 to 88 F Water used for soaking should have a temperature of 98 to 104 F and soak for 10-15 minutes. Should be started at a temperature no higher first and gradually increase. Children and the elderly may be due to problems in the body temperature to be careful. For the elderly or arthritis will need someone to help Time up or down by the pool or hot tub. For those with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease should consult a doctor first. Check the temperature of the water should and between the water Do not use hot water after drinking alcohol because it can make you unconscious. Pregnancy should not be soaked in hot water.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Muscles to achieve balance

The administration back then exercises. The muscles on the front to the back muscles and so on. Select the appropriate weight when lifting him by 10-15 times and then puts on weight, it is weight. Do not spend too much time of the study found that players set a day is enough to make the muscles strong. Do not rush to lift and drop slowly to the muscle was exercised in full.
Exercise regularly 3 times a week. Shoes to prevent foot Stretching exercise Management is to reduce pain and stretching. Examples of management stretching you should choose how to manage it to suit yourself. Standing feet separated Hands on head Tilt to the side and hold for 15-30 seconds 3-5 times on each side.
 Chair I bent down touched Until the onset tight after 15-30 sec hold at times 3-5 times. 4 foot crawl slowly inhale and bend back to return to normal. Exhale slowly and bend down to the floor to five times. Stand with feet slightly apart, knees bent. Hands on waist Bent back as much as possible and hold that position for 2 seconds.

Pain after exercise

Of exercises regularly will help keep your back muscles strong. And it reduces pain after exercise is important; there are two types of stretching and strengthening exercise Stretching exercise caution in the exercise. Health slowly began to remember that the strength of the latter may not be the same. If your back is not strong enough and you rush to a recognized because you back pain. 
Should begin to exercise it is simple and does not cause pain from time to slowly increase. When the body is strong, thereby increasing both the quantity and intensity Choose how to exercise properly if you have recently recovered from back pain should choose an exercise that affects you less after low impact exercise such as swimming.
Exercise in Water Cycling on where to adjust the seat height and handlebar. Avoid movements that cause pain, especially those with back pain before. Waist twist eg golf The need to stop frequently, such as playing tennis basketball sports such as football, rugby, wrestling bumps. Tips on Exercise Need to target, as is the strength of the muscles in and out to keep the heart healthy. Do not hold your breath while exercising because it makes blood pressure higher. To breathe normally