Thursday, 15 May 2014

spinal muscular atrophy

People with diagnosed with this type of macular after the age of seven months, and during the eight month of the first ten and almost always before the completion of the second year of life. With the majority before the fifth monthA child with this kind of sitting without putting supported them, though they are mostly driven by the need of sitting position when they are lying; infected and may be able to at a later stage of the stand, but with the help of assistive devices and chock.

And often the patient does not face this kind of nutrition problems, but it may be difficult to eat an adequate amount of food by mouth as a result of the weakness of chewing and swallowing. Therefore they may need to eat more food and food through a tube in the nose or through the ducks directly into the stomach, especially if there is a fear of the entry of food into the respiratory tract.As the patient suffers this type weakness in the muscles of breathing and that he was able to breathe well enough and that the ability to maintain an adequate level of oxygen in the blood during sleep somewhat difficult and may require the person to the oxygen cylinder as an assistant. There is also a weakness in the cough and expel respiratory secretions and therefore may have frequent lung infections.
As show characteristic vibrations of the disease spinal muscular atrophy in the tongue-in-kind as well and also common occurrence of curvature and curvature of the spine may require surgery with general fragility of the bones and with the growth of the body increases the pressure on the nerve cells and therefore the patient's health has deteriorated with time and may prove his case for a long time.
This disease also ranges from the age of onset of symptoms in this type dramatically, have ranged between onsets of symptoms first year of life to the time of puberty until after that age. With symptoms usually begin to appear during the first three years.

Symptoms usually begin in the hands, feet and tongue and spread to other areas of the body
The patient can stand and walk and exercise his natural life, and with no delay in growth or the acquisition of basic skills. But many parents may notice its faltering child and the difficulty of getting out of a sitting position and in the curvature and may develop the disease until the patient becomes unable to walk with age setting calls for the use of a wheelchair.The symptoms of this kind after the age of 35 years and it are very rare that appear between the ages of eighteen years and thirty years. And symptoms appear gradually and slowly as it is rare that affects the muscles of the mouth and related coordinate breathing.
One of the things the basic characteristic of the disease, and spinal muscular atrophy of all kinds (first, second and third and fourth) is the safety of the other senses and sanity and perception and thinking

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